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This is Chasing Rabbits, a newsletter about whatever my creative brain is pursuing at the moment. I’ll pepper it with a few illustrations along the way.

The name “Chasing Rabbits” comes from an art practice I learned from Carla Sonheim that basically just means to give yourself permission to pursue a creative inkling and continue until you just don’t feel like it anymore. Sometimes something will come of it now or much later, often not. Yet, it is still a valuable pursuit regardless of whether we catch the rabbit or not. It’s similar to the saying “going down a rabbit hole” but with less judgment.

As a person conditioned by school and work to only go after pursuits that yield clear, tangible rewards, chasing rabbits is not natural for me. Scratch that — it’s not habitual for me. However, it does come naturally especially if I let it. So this substack is just a way for me to document the chase and what I find along the way. My hope is that you might find interesting what I also find interesting. If nothing else, you’ll get to see some silly illustrations to brighten your day.

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Kim Tso
Illustrator from Los Angeles